The Benefits of Hiring a Forklift Truck Versus Buying One.

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It is an economical and practical decision to hire a forklift truck instead of buying one. Forklift trucks can cost a fortune and are not an affordable for short-term use. Whatever your need for a forklift truck, whether it be short term of long term, there are plenty of companies available with a hiring service. Here are the main reasons why hiring is a better option:


The primary reason why hiring a truck is best is that it is much more cost-efficient for your company. Instead of paying a fortune for this piece of machinery that you may not need for long-term use, you can simple pay monthly and the pay monthly schemes usually include the truck, interest and maintenance costs. This frees your business from labour costs and shop supplies.

No maintenance costs

As mentioned above, when you hire your forklift truck you are not responsible for the maintenance of the machine. Along with the budget you will save here, you will also save time on administrational tasks such as invoicing, reports and tracking.

Latest upgrades and features

You truck will automatically stay up to date with the latest upgrades and safety enhancements provided by the forklift company giving you a fleet of forklifts that are high in productivity all the time.

Variety of options

By hiring your forklift trucks you can test out the different options available and hire the truck that really suits your company and your needs. By purchasing a truck, you are limiting yourself to just that machine, when with some jobs, a different truck like a sideloader, might be more appropriate. Most hiring companies have many different forklifts to choose from such as electric or gas, reach, 3 wheel counterbalance or pallet trucks.

Flexible time periods

Hiring your fleet of forklifts means that you can decide how long you need it on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis. Short-term hire is great when you need it as an extra resource for an increased workload or if you need a quick replacement. Long-term hire can be for more than one machine and for many different types of machines. Each packaged can be easily tailored to your individual needs.

No Initial Investment

Forklift trucks are not cheap and you can spare your business the cost of this huge initial investment by hiring instead. This will make your budgeting much easier and your other lines of credit will be left available for more important business costs.

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